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Beyond Normative Artistry with New Technology and Inclusion

Två kvinnor i ett rum med ljusa väggar. Den ena kvinnan har mörkt hår och sitter vid ett bord med dator, mixerbord och annan teknik. Den andra kvinnan har grått kort hår och glasögon. Hon sitter på en permobil. Hon har ett linne på sig och på vänster överarm syns en orange grej fäst med svarta band. Det är någon typ av sensor. Kvinnorna är mitt uppe i något, de ler mot varandra.

ShareMusic & Performing Arts invites you to a meeting place for conversation and reflection on artistic expression, innovative technology, and the importance of inclusion for every human’s right to experience, participate in and practice arts and culture.

In her project Felt Sound, doctoral student Doga Cavdir from Stanford University investigates the relation between movement, sound, and haptics. In this case, the investigation is focused on how dancers can use vibrations. Felt Sound is specifically aimed at persons that are deaf or have a hearing impairment. During her residency, Doga has been working in workshop-format with participants from the Malmö area. Doga and her team will present their work in a performance. Dancer Marie Lander, who has previously worked with Skånes Dansteater will be participating. ShareMusic will also share their experiences and knowledge about inclusive artistic work.


December 10 at 3.00–5.00 PM (CET)


Media Evolution City in Malmö, Sweden


As a knowledge centre for artistic development and inclusion, ShareMusic has received an increased request from researchers around the world. A five year research strategy has been developed as a guiding tool to be able to prioritize among the enquiries. Doga Cavdir’s research on haptics is completely in line with the strategy through the innovative technology with an emphasis on artistic expression. ShareMusic has initiated a collaboration with Stanford University and this residency is one of many that will be conducted jointly with the university.

This event is free of charge, but the number of seats is limited so we need your registration. Register via this link. We will offer some traditional Christmas glögg and gingerbread.


The event is conducted with support from Stanford’s Europe Center, Malmö Stad and Region Skåne.

Photo: Ge Wang. Head photo by ShareMusic & Performing Arts

Beyond Normative Artistry with New Technology and Inclusion

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