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Bits & Pieces – highlighting music technology

Within the project Bits & Pieces we take the next step in the development of music technology by creating several short music pieces. It is a continuation of our previous collaboration with Gageego where traditional instruments such as piano, cello and percussion instruments meet different types of digital technology.

Bits & Pieces will show how technology enables more people to create music while increasing awareness of inclusive work methods. We want to spread this knowledge to people training others within the field of music on all levels – from colleges to schools of arts, study associations and special schools.

Premiere April 26 at Brewhouse, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The first two pieces are created by the composers Karen Power (Ireland) and Tomas Hulenvik (Sweden), together with three musicians from Gageego and four people from ShareMusic. Through an exploratory process working with electronic expressions, new material is created – from field recordings in a factory where the group collected audio, to labs working with different music apps. One of the techniques used is the Gestrument app, developed by Jesper Nordin (Swedish composer). The three musicians from Gageego are My Hellgren, Karin Birgersson and Jonas Larsson. The ShareMusic ensemble consists of Hannes Glavå, Joel Mansour, Liv Dahlstrand and Caroline Mårtensson.

Bits & Pieces is part of the development project ”Digital teknik i gränsöverskridande konstnärliga processer” which ShareMusic carries out together with the Region Jönköping County (department: utbildning och kultur). Bits & Pieces is executed with the support of the Region Jönköping County and The Swedish Arts Council.

Bits & Pieces – highlighting music technology