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Kluchi – keys to creativity

Kluchi is an international project in North-Western Russia, which highlights the importance of inclusive artistic work. The experience gained in the project will be spread in Arkhangelsk and in several districts of the region; Leshukonsk, Kargopol, Velsk and Krasnoborsk.

klutchi_webProject Kluchi will provide an opportunity to explore collaborative creative processes and different expressions in dance and performing arts. One project aim is to give better access to arts and culture for disabled people through increased capacity in the local society.

The project is the result of a long-term relationship with a rehabilitation centre in Arkhangelsk. Project activities include seminars, workshops and a course with a final performance. Target groups involved are professionals from rehabilitation-, educational- and cultural sectors.

One strand of the project will focus on the role of media in changing attitudes in society towards inclusion. Swedish media specialists will share their experience of how to avoid stereotypes and highlight strengths and professional competence of disabled people.

The project started in May 2016 and will continue until spring 2018.

Project partner

Supporting Experimental Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Special Needs

Read more about our partners – the ”Prostor” incklusive dance group from Arkhangelsk: Feature article about Prostor

Article published in magazine United In Dance! Diary of the International Inclusive Dance Charity Festival by Odukhotvorenie Social and Cultural Animation Center.

Project Kluchi is granted funding by Swedish Institute within Creative Force Programme.