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My Convention at the Swedish Forum for Human Rights in Gothenburg

Grafisk illustration. En barnteckning av en gubbe med svarta konturer. I röd text står det med stora bokstäver MIN och under det med svarta bokstäver: konvention.

We hope you haven’t missed that ShareMusic has launched My Convention – a project about children’s rights? On December 7, during the Swedish Forum for Human Rights in Gothenburg, we will share the work process and invite you to ask questions to the project-initiators.

196 countries have signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child, but what do the children know about their rights and their convention? How can we strengthen children’s knowledge of their rights in an international context? Together with our collaborators in Sweden and Armenia, we create an almost wordless performance that does not need translation to different languages but communicates through artistic expressions such as dance, puppetry, and music. Children from both countries are involved in the creative process. Thus, My Convention is a performance by children, for children, about their convention.

This year’s theme for the Swedish Forum for Human Rights is democracy + human rights = true. Since the knowledge of your rights is a prerequisite for being able to assert them and make your voice heard in a democratic society, we find this an excellent opportunity to spread knowledge of the project! The work aims to increase knowledge of the Convention on the Rights of the Child among both children and adults at the same time as we develop methods for working with human rights – with art as a tool. The project is implemented in an intriguing context with Swedish and Armenian partners: cultural centres that work with children and youth, universities, cultural institutions and ShareMusic as a knowledge centre. This is the first stage of a long-term collaboration with the Armenian partners and ShareMusic, where we will continue to develop cross-sectoral working methods within art and human rights.

Participants in the conversation are partners from both Sweden and Armenia – My Convention’s director Karin Styvers; Sophia Alexandersson, chief executive and artistic director at ShareMusic & Performing Arts; Camilla Ekelöf, artistic director at Unga Spira, Spira Culture Centre; Vahan Badalyan, General Director of National Centre for Aesthetics, Artistic Director, NCA Small Theater; Kristine Gevorgyan, Programme Coordinator of the MA in Human rights and Democratisation in the Caucasus programme/GC Caucasus, Yerevan State University.


The conversation will be held in English and interpreted to Swedish sign language. Moderator is Catharina Bergil, Head of the Performing Arts department at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg.


December 7 at 9:00-10:00 AM (CET)


Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg. Sal: G2

Read more at the webpage of the Swedish Forum for Human Rights 

Photo: NCA Small Theatre. Cover illustration: Cleo Forsberg

My Convention at the Swedish Forum for Human Rights in Gothenburg

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