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IncArtLab – summing up and looking forward

Collaborative project with the National Art Museum has finished with a symposium. 

What happens if a museum opens its´ doors for other art forms? If young people are allowed to move freely in otherwise quiet halls? If they are encouraged to use their fantasy and improvise under the guidance of professional artists? This is where the magic happens!

At the symposium in Minsk in late November, the National art museum´s employees and participants of the project IncArtLab shared their experience from four inclusive labs held at the museum and its´ two branches in Minsk and Mogilev. ShareMusic’s course leaders have been in Belarus and used dance, movement, music and music technology, interactive design and animation to create perfomances and guided tours.

The symposium featured lectures and panel discussions. Sergei Vecher, the museum’s vice president and Christina Johannesson, Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Belarus, opened the symposium and welcomed the participants. Sophia Alexandersson, Chief Executive and Artistic Director at ShareMusic, spoke about the development of the project from the idea to implementation.

Joy of creating something new, the sense of community and amazing results were a few things that were named by the participants as highlights during the symposium. There was also an exhibition of tactile paintings and poems written with Braille alphabet. Vasily Zenko, the artist, was inspired by the project and received help from one of the project participants with proof reading.

The symposium was also about the future of inclusion in Belarus. Elizaveta Zhuk, UNICEF, spoke about the role of culture in society and in relation to the Sustainable Development goals. Inclusive art and culture is under development and more initiatives are needed in this area, said Ivan Galaburda, the Ministry of Culture and Irina Laptenok, the Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining at the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts.

Magnus Berntsson, our Chairman of the Board, thanked everybody for the day and presented diplomas to the museum´s employees.

The symposium and the IncArtLab project are over, but the work to make museums in Belarus more inclusive will continue.

 Photographer: Maria Romanovskaya

IncArtLab – summing up and looking forward