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Inspiration and innovation

If you are wondering what kind of instruments we will be using in Mondgewächse, there’s no definite answer yet.

Okay, one thing is for sure that Gageego! will play their classical instruments, but even those will be used in a new way. But with Mondgewächse it is all about not going the traditional way. We want to explore the field of arts technology and want to show innovative possibilities of making music.

That is why our ensemble visited the Interactive Institute in Gothenburg, where they were shown a range of new musical instruments and technical tools. Some of those new innovations will be of an inspiring influence of the instrument set-up of Mondgewächse.

Check out some of the instruments we have seen:
Xthe sense
You play with your muscles.

MaKey MaKey
Using colour to play.

Contact microphone to play everywhere.

Inspiration and innovation