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Successful symposium – Inclusive Creativity Sweden

Share Music arranged a unique symposium at the GöteborgOpera in April focusing on the impact of creative technologies in performing arts. International speakers presented their view on artistic possibilities and inclusive ensembles and how to enhance independence for musicians with disabilities.

The audience listened to speakers from Northern Ireland, UK, Sweden and Ireland and technology was showcased that enables people with disabilities to work artistically in the field of music. Composers, musicians, hardware designers, developers, researchers and industry professionals showed the audience what working in an inclusive creative context means with particular regard to topics like composition & performance, development of new hardware & software and training & validation. The symposium was hosted by Sophia Alexandersson, Chief Executive and Artistic Director of ShareMusic & Performing Arts.

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From Ulster University, Professor Frank Lyons (Director of Arts & Humanities Research Institute) kicked off the day talking about composing for inclusive ensembles, with focus on his latest piece NonZeroSum. Professor Lizbeth Goodman from SMARTlab UCD gave the audience a crash course in her work throughout the years with focus on inclusive design.

Sophia Alexandersson explained Share Music’s history of using music technology in artistic processes and the importance of inclusion in the performing arts sector. Peter Larsson a musician and politician from Sweden talked about the liberation of his inner musician through the work of ShareMusic & Performing Arts and joined composer Paul Bothén in a hands-on live jam session with digital music tools.

A message from the Amazon rainforest about new technology

Live on Skype from Stockholm composer Jesper Nordin introduced his  app Gestrument, which was live demonstrated by Jonas Kjellberg (composer and software designer). The audience took the chance to test and interact with it on the spot and create sounds and visuals.

Composer Victor Gama sent us a video from the Amazon rainforest speaking about going from digital back to physical using technology for new music. Ian Ritchie, artistic director for Setubal Music Festival in Portugal talked about the importance of give inclusive ensembles a place.

3D-printed baton for conductors by Drake Music

Last speaker of the day was Gawain Hewitt, musician and Drake Music’s head of Research and Development showing cool gadgets like a 3D-printed baton for conductors. To make new accessible and inclusive music technology he showed how hacker communities contribute to the development: from hackmeets to instruments.

Share Music was glad to see the audience interest in this field and their rising curiosity. They took the chance to mingle with speakers during breaks and we even welcomed participants from Belarus and Germany.

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This is the first time that Inclusive Creativity was arranged in Sweden. Inclusive Creativity is a concept devised by Professor Frank Lyons at Ulster University in collaboration with key partners such as ShareMusic & Performing Arts and Drake Music, which aims to level the playing field in performance and composition for disabled musicians by developing new technologies and methodologies for their use.


Successful symposium – Inclusive Creativity Sweden