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One of Europe’s top ten cultural professionals

Named as one of Europe’s best practices within inclusive performing arts

ShareMusic & Performing Arts is highlighted as one of the ten best practices of European cultural professionals within inclusive performing arts by the international project Un-Label. 

Un-Label recently published a brochure called Innovation Diversity – New Approaches of Cultural Encounter in Europe that gives an overview of current practice within inclusive performing arts.

ShareMusic was invited by Un-Label to be part of the best practice candidates because of our vast experience in the inclusive arts practice. We were then chosen together with nine others to present our work, individual point of views and vision.

For Sophia Alexandersson (Chief Executive/Artistic Director of ShareMusic & Performing Arts) it is important that practices within inclusive performing arts are made visible. ”We are proud and happy that ShareMusic is part of the brochure and that our work is highlighted and spread.”

The series of best practices portraits include amongst others Candoco Dance Company (UK), Royal Conservatoire Antwerpen (Belgium), Moomsteatern (Sweden) and Freie Republik HORA (Switzerland).

The brochure displays the spectrum of multiple social attitudes and institutions, but also voices the shared desire for an inclusive, diversified society. It aims to expand the understanding and the awareness about professional projects and performances with an inclusive context across different nations and cultures.

Link to brochure: Un-Label-Manual-Innovation-Diversity-New-Approaches-of-Cultural-Encounter-in-Europe_EN.pdf

Un-Label brochure
Un-Label brochure

About Un-Label:
The international cultural project Un-Label with partners from Germany, England, Greece and Turkey has set itself the task of highlighting the multifaceted potential of emerging professional performers with and without disabilities from all over Europe by bringing together different abilities and various cultural influences. Co-Funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU and Aktion Mensch (Germany).

One of Europe’s top ten cultural professionals