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Courage and strong will at the Gothenburg Opera

In a unique, long-term cooperation between ShareMusic & Performing Arts and the Gothenburg Opera, our mini course was arranged June 1 to 4, with focus on voice and music. These days reflect what Share Music is all about – artistic work where everyone could participate, a professional artistic team leading the group, collecting newly created creative material, transboundary meetings and an atmosphere with much laughter and fellowship.

Two full days of intense work together – 15 people from Region Västra Götaland and the rest of Sweden, as well as artists from the Opera House. In the evenings we had an Open Stage with fantastic performances. We also got a tour of the Opera House and a interesting, relaxed meeting with two of the singers from the Gothenburg Opera choir. The final day, invited guests got to see parts of the material developed during the course. Big applause from the audience! Inspiring and ”outside the box” were some of the comments.

Voices from course participants

”The work is exciting – you expect one thing, but it becomes something else – which is actually even better!”

”I appreciated that the artistic team trusted us and highlighted what we did. I met such nice people, they really made my heart smile.”

Courage and strong will at the Gothenburg Opera