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New case study on dance and disability

DANSResearch is a case study of artistic work challenging traditional standards, with focus on communication and disability.

About the research

In the project we examine how people with disabilities can develop and use their creative and artistic abilities in artistic work, as well as highlight issues and develop solutions. At the same time we want to explore how dance can be communicated in works with dancers with different abilities, with specific focus on communication between members of a group.

Researcher Annika Notér Hooshidar followed the work process of ShareMusic’s WORK ensemble creating a new dance piece. This piece which was named ”Moss: A performance practice” is the object of the case study. In 2016 two residences were carried out in Stockholm and Jönköping were the dancers worked together with choreographer Charlotte Darbyshire. Public meetings and showcases were held along the way.

DANSResearch is carried out with resources from Region Jönköping County (Culture and Development/Dance), ShareMusic & Performing Arts and DOCH – School of Dance and Circus, with support of Swedish Inheritance Fund, Nämnden för konstnärlig forskning, Region Jönköping County and Swedish Arts Council.


Annika Notér Hooshidar is assistant professor of dance interpretation and of modern and contemporary dance at DOCH – School of Dance and Circus / Stockholm University of the Arts.


Charlotte Darbyshire leads choreographic work in collaboration with Henrietta Hale and is one of CandoCo Dance Company’s founders. Charlotte was a member of the company between 1994-1999. Since then, she has been committed to exploring richer ways for disabled and non-disabled people to engage in dance.

WORK ensemble

The ensemble originally was formed during ShareMusic’s project WORK, to create public opinion for equality on stage and broadening of the labor market within the cultural sector. It perfectly links to DANSResearch, its contents and the collaboration of Region Jönköping County and DOCH – School of Dance and Circus / Stockholm University of the Arts.
Dancers: Jilda Hallin, Destiny af Kleen, Christina Ohlsson and Karin Delén.


By Jules Maxwell. He has composed music for a wide variety of choreographers over the last 20 years. At the heart of his music and practice is a curiosity to find links across theatrical disciplines.

New case study on dance and disability