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ShareMusic & Performing Arts

Knowledge Center for Artistic Development and Inclusion

ShareMusic & Performing Arts, Swedish knowledge centre for artistic development and inclusion, is a non-profit organisation independent of party policy, religion and trade unions. ShareMusic is a development platform and a resource, which collaborates with arts institutions and organisations, arts practitioners, artists, and educators at different levels. It is a local, regional, national and international platform that supports and provides tools for sustainable inclusive work within the arts. One of the knowledge centre’s main areas is to explore the possibilities that innovative technologies and digitisation can offer in form of widened active participation and creativity within the arts for disabled persons.

ShareMusic’s work is rights-based and follows the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It is also clearly tied to the global development goals of inclusion and sustainable development. The fundamental idea is to work towards a society where all human beings should have the opportunity to express themselves as artists in a world where difference is seen as valuable.

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Rights-based work

 ShareMusic’s work is rights-based and follows the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It is also clearly tied to the global development goals of inclusion and sustainable development.


ShareMusic’s courses are a great option for those who enjoy music, dance, theatre and art. People from different places meet and create together. We promise a great mix of joy and performing arts! Professional artists are in charge and provide ambitions of the highest order. The combination of different art forms and people with varying abilities is our unique characteristic. Regardless of previous knowledge or disability, everyone can take part on equal terms.

Academy - ShareMusic & Performing Arts


In recent years ShareMusic & Performing Arts has put a great focus on staging and showing performances as an instrument to develop and change the society towards positive participation of people with different abilities in the arts. The performances represent the unique way of creation through the collaborative artistic process where musicians and artists, composers and choreographers produce together a piece of art. Experience and skills of each individual is accounted in the process of creation and becomes an important part of work in its integrity. 


Commission #1  |  Dawn at Galamanta

Dawn at Galamanta brought together the internationally renowned trombonist, composer and conductor Christian Lindberg, the Swedish Wind Ensemble and the choreographer Helene Karabuda. The original work was first presented in Stockholm’s Central Station in 2009 to a large audience and to a great acclaim, justifying the Ability Media International award ShareMusic & Performing Arts received in London 2010. Dawn at Galamanta was the centerpiece at the 50th anniversary of City of London Festival in 2012 and was also a part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The performance took place in Guildhall Great Hall, London and was reviewed in the London Times.
Read more about Dawn at Galamanta

Commission #2  |  Hi-Hat Xpres

Hi-Hat Xpres is our second commission piece, in collaboration with the distinguished composer Nigel Osborne, the percussion ensemble Kroumata, the dance company SPINN, choreographer Veera Suvalo Grimberg and an ensemble from ShareMusic. The performance shows the thrilling journey through different eras and countries tracing the development of the instrument Hi-Hat, from the alchemist through to Led Zeppelin. Hi-Hat Xpres has been touring around Sweden and was part of the City of Culture Derry-Londonderry 2013.
Watch the teaser for Hi-Hat Xpres 

Commission #3  |  Mondgewächse

Mondgewächse is a piece where traditional instruments meet arts technology. It is a collaboration between international renowned composer Patricia Alessandrini and ShareMusic & Performing Arts. The piece explores the transformation of the relationship between the performer and the instrument, based on an idea by Alessandrini. The piece was performed by ensemble Gageego! from Gothenburg and the In:fluence Ensemble from Share Music.The premiere took place in Gothenburg Concert Hall in 2014.
Follow the process in the Mondgewächse blog

Commission #4  |  SHANGHAI

SHANGHAI is a collaboration between the Göteborg Opera and ShareMusic & Performing Arts. The cast comprises artists from The Göteborg Opera and an ensemble from ShareMusic & Performing Arts, all of whom are also active collaborators in the creation of the work. Composer is Line Tjørnhøj, text by Erik Fägerborn and direction by Stephen Langridge, Artistic Director, Opera/ Drama at The Göteborg Opera. The collaboration, which began in 2014, is based on the idea that people express themselves in different ways and that there is value in artistic diversity. SHANGHAI is a story about breaking free and forging your own path. The premiere took place in Skövde at Göteborgs­Operan Skövde­scenen in april 2017. Learn more about the work process in our blog.



  • 2014: ShareMusic & Performing Arts receives the award “Entrepreneur of the Year in Gränna”.
  • 2013: Share Music´s director Sophia Alexandersson becomes “Årets Eldsjäl” in Region Götaland, awarded by Samhall.
  • 2010: ShareMusic & Performing Arts receives the Ability Media International award in London in the category ”dance”.

International projects

These projects are examples of our international work:

    • IncArtLab is an international project, which fosters the implementation of inclusive artistic methods in the museums of Belarus. In partnership with the National Art Museum we want to change attitudes within cultural sector and create environment that is open for different artistic expressions. Learn more about IncArtLab.
    • Sofit is a project about empowering people with disabilities in Belarus to participate more fully in the society by using creative arts, aiming for a sustainable inclusive society. Learn more about Sofit.
    • Kluchi is an international project in North-Western Russia, which highlights the importance of inclusive artistic work. Learn more about Kluchi.
    • Sofit is a project about empowering people with disabilities in Belarus to participate more fully in the society by using creative arts, aiming for a sustainable inclusive society.
    • “Mundesi – Opportunities for young people with disabilities”. This project was realised in collaboration with Youth in Free Initiative. The project activities took place in Kukës, northeast Albania.
    • “DAJ” was a collaboration between ShareMusic & Performing Arts and Belarussian State Pedagogical University of M.Tank, Belarus, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Ukraine and the non-governmental organisation “Caucasian mosaic”, Georgia. The project opened up opportunities for knowledge transfer on developing ways to use arts as a tool in work with the target group. ShareMusic & Performing Arts’s first book titled “Project DAJ: Together in the creative world” was released in Russian language. It is a collection of learning experiences and perceptions of people involved in the project DAJ.


Sophia Alexandersson, Director
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