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Culture, Health & Wellbeing conference

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Culture, Health & Wellbeing conference

21 juni

Den 21 juni medverkar Evelina Larsson från vår ensemble Elefantöra i konferensen Culture, Health & Wellbeing. Evelina är en del av panelsamtal 1D3: Socially-inclusive Music-making – the Art of Equality, Diversity and Wellbeing. 

Some of the pioneers of this century’s ground-breaking emergence of socially-inclusive music ensembles share their international insights. The concepts of diversity, inclusion, health and wellbeing overlap, depend on each other and enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with culture generally, arts particularly and music especially. Here we find an expanding landscape in which music can define its new creative frontiers, determine its wider role in building a healthier, more equal society and derive future fulfilment for its composers, performers and audiences.

Läs mer och anmäl dig på konferensens hemsida.

Culture, Health & Wellbeing conference


21 juni
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