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Eventful days for us in Minsk

Our recent visit to Minsk was busy and very fruitful. We met many people, attended meetings, exchanged ideas and participated in interesting discussions. And we carried out many activities.

On October 3 we organised workshops at Minsk city centre of remedial and developing education and rehabilitation. During the morning our workshop leader Mike Fry worked with small children, music teachers and staff from 10 similar centres in Minsk.In the afternoon more people came to join our workshop: families with children, professionals, teachers and students from M.Tank University. It became a joyful day with many musical surprises –  a very lucky day!

The following day was devoted to work with M.Tank University. The leadership team from the Institute for inclusive education and Faculty of aesthetic education had a workshop on inclusive work, music apps and how to lead workshops, along with Mike Fry. The day was full of exercises and exciting discussions where all exchanged their experiences! Mike appreciated the possibility to reflect upon his own work as well.

On October 6 we gathered to conduct a presentation of the results achieved within the project Sofit.

Martin Åberg, Swedish Ambassador in Belarus, visited the event and opened the day with a welcome speech. The programme of the day was thought to highlight the changes that the project caused. That is why we invited the project’s participants from different regions of Belarus.

Sharing experiences

Young dancers talked about what it meant for them to be on stage. Journalists expressed their opinion on how they can help change attitudes towards people with different abilities. Teachers from M.Tank University shared information about the new optional course that has been created in collaboration with us. The beautiful show by inclusive dance group “Wheel of life” concluded the day in a nice way.

Foto: Vladimir Sereda, Aleksandra Titova, ShareMusic

Natallia Semeniako, leader of the centre for short-term stay “Mayflower” and ”BelAPDIiMI” in Gomiel:

Project Sofit has created unlimited ways to work artistically. Due to the project we have experienced so many positive changes. During a mini-course in Gomiel we involved young musicians from the ensemble ”Echo zemli.” Since then they visit our centre on a regular basis and work with our children. We have also started collaborating with an arts school and dramatic theatre in Gomiel. Sofit helped us to believe in ourselves!

Oksana Lemeshko, leader of the ”BelAPDIiMI” in Molodechno:

It is a unique project! Me and my son Sergei who is passionate about music, took part in the mini-course in Gomiel. He was excited about being able to create with others! Later on I was also at the seminar devoted to work with the projects. When I came back home I realised that this had given me the idea to start my own artistic project – hopefully, we will succeed with it!

Tatiana Gulevich, editor of the channel ”Culture”, the programme leader of the children’s program ”Mary Poppins”:

After participating in the project Sofit I decided to create the project ”All children have talents” in cooperation with “BelAPDIiMI”. Every Tuesday during spring I interviewed 15 young artists without focusing on their possible disability. All my guests had a task and that was preparing a gift for me. It could be a dance, a poem or a picture. The project ended with a concert at the Radio House where children with different abilities performed together.

Eventful days for us in Minsk