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Hi-Hat Xpres premiere in Russia

Hi-Hat Xpres. Foto: Peter Lloyd

Hi-Hat Xpres on tour to Kazan, Russia on 19-20 November! It’s the first time Share Music performs in Russia, together with dance company Spinn and four percussionists.

Hi-Hat Xpres is a thrilling historic journey, tracing the development of the Hi-Hat – the drummer’s timekeeper. Officially invented by a Swede in the 1920s, the performance nevertheless reaches back to ancient Sumeria, portrays a 17th Century Armenian alchemist, criss-crosses the world from Istanbul to China to the forests of Indonesia and finally comes up to date with risqué Rock ’n’ Roll and the Charleston of Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald.

The performance is Share Music’s collaboration with composer Nigel Osborne, choreographer Veera Suvalo Grimberg, the dance company SPINN and a percussion ensemble.

Hi-Hat Xpres is performed November 19th at 16.00 and November 20th at 12:00 in the theater ”Ekiyat”.

Watch the teaser for Hi-Hat Xpres

Hi-Hat Xpres premiere in Russia