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New music theatre piece

Foto: Tino Stengel

The Göteborg Opera and ShareMusic & Performing Arts create a new music theatre piece together

For the first time the Göteborg Opera and ShareMusic & Performing Arts work together on a music theatre piece, which is set to premier in spring 2017. It will be developed and performed by a unique ensemble, including performers from the Göteborg Opera and a new ensemble from ShareMusic & Performing Arts. The composer Line Tjørnhøj from Denmark was chosen after an Open Call in 2015, which received more than 150 applications. In January work officially begun with audition workshops in Sweden.

The new piece, with the working title Amplitud, is about exploring voices. Our voices have different sounds, pronunciations, dialects, registers and volume. The voice is unique and it can sometimes even surprise ourselves. What happens when you explore a range of voices and all their expressive possibilities and then put them together in one piece?

The open call created a worldwide buzz and received applications from 155 composers in 34 different countries. Danish composer Line Tjørnhøj, who has previously created classical music pieces with unconventional methods, will work in collaboration with lyricist Erik Fägerborn. The production is being developed and directed by Stephen Langridge, artistic director of opera/drama.

Sophia Alexandersson, CEO and artistic director, ShareMusic & Performing Arts:
– It feels great to work together with the Göteborg Opera – creating a new piece based on the artistic process, which is really important to us. It will increase the relevance and artistic possibilities of performing arts. Our work for equality on stage takes a huge step forward!

Stephen Langridge, Artistic director Opera/Drama
– We at the Göteborg Opera are proud to collaborating with Share Music, and excited that the moment has finally arrived to fulfill our ambition; to make a fully realized new piece of integrated music theatre, and invite audiences in Västra Götaland to experience a radical new world of music and theatre.

World premiere will be 7 April 2017 at the Gothenburg Opera in Skövde. A tour will follow with 20 performances at various locations in Region Västra Götaland, Sweden.

New music theatre piece