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Organisational development in Minsk

Our work in Belarus continues. Recently we have come back from Minsk where we held two seminars in the frame of the project Sofit in cooperation with our partner; NGO BelAPDIiMI. The aim was to contribute to organisational development, to make plans for the future and to create a new network.

Social media and photos that demonstrate diversity

The first seminar was held by Åsa Rosén who talked about social media and discussed the ways to show equality in pictures and text. She described how ShareMusic works with different media channels. The participants received different assignments such as to analyse pictures from an equality and diversity perspective, take pictures on their own and create posts about the seminar in social media. The participants were people committed in the cause, employees, parents and disabled and non-disabled young people from Minsk and Minsk region.

Foto: BelADPIiMI

Elena, Minsk: ”I had no previous experience of working with social media before, but after this seminar I’m inspired to try and use it in different projects!”

Tatiana, Borisov: “I am full of impressions and I think that the programme for the day has been good! I work with video editing and I have my own website that I need to market using social media. I used to think that it costs to spread your message via social media. But something I have learned today is that you don’t need to invest a lot of money, but rather think differently – and I’ll do that”.

Project work

The second seminar lasted two days. It was about to project organisation – how to plan and run projects effectively. Sophia coached the participants: the active members of BelAPDIiMI from regional and local organisations in Zhlobin, Volkovysk, Stolin, Osipovichy, Gomel, Zhitkovichi, Minck and Molodechno, who were divided in groups. Among the participants were also two employees of the boarding house for elderly persons and disabled people in Ostroshickiy gorodok, Minsk region.

They were assigned to create imaginary projects and went through the different stages of a project. For example, how to write an application, make a budget and choose activities. It was also about project implementation – working in teams and with partners, evaluation and reporting results based on the project goals. The seminar provided an overview of different parts through practical exercises; a format that the participants really appreciated.

Foto: BelADPIiMI


Visit to UN office

During the trip we also visited the UN office in Minsk and got an insight into their upcoming work in autumn. To our delight we received a nice present; a book with pictures from the journey UN70 Belarus Express for Sustainable Development Goals in which we participated.

Network to promote inclusion

The next step in our work in Belarus feels especially exciting. We are looking for new contacts who would like to work with inclusion and create a network. With this in mind, we arranged a meeting where we invited representatives from different sectors; NGOs, theatres, National Museum of Art and even from the commercial music industry. There were active group discussions, which resulted in some good suggestions.

New university course

This autumn we will start a new university course in partnership with M.Tank University and the preparations are going on. Sophia has met executives of the Aesthetical faculty, which contributes with two teachers. After the official part of the meeting we got a guided tour and looked at the straw handicraft and textile art.

Study visit to Super Puper center

We also made a study visit to the production center Super Puper that provides classes in voice and choreography for children and young people under 17 years old. Since last year an interesting and important social project has been started here with the goal to enable participation of children with different backgrounds and abilities. Forty children were selected among 150 applicants to get professional artistic training during six months. They currently study in mixed groups with other students, regularly perform on various stages and spend spare time together.

Organisational development in Minsk