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Share Music to Arkhangelsk, Russia

AccessAbility is a photo exhibition produced by the Swedish Institute (SI). In conjunction with the tour, different activities and events are arranged and Share Music is one of the organizations invited to participate.

ShareMusic & Performing Arts is leading two workshops in Arkhangelsk, Russia, on 27-28 February. Choreographer Veera Suvalo Grimberg and composer Paul Bothén will work together with children, young people and their families, as well as employees of the Early Intervention Institute.

The exhibition AccessAbility was first shown in November 2014 in St Petersburg. It shows photographs of 20 people – Swedish and Russian – with various disabilities, who also shared their personal life stories. The exhibition tour in 2015 in north-western Russia and Moscow, and then appears also in Georgia, Turkey and Brazil. The photographs were taken by Swedish photographer Markus Marcetic and the Russian photographer Alexey Diet Romin.

Share Music to Arkhangelsk, Russia