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#ShareSymposium – great interest in inclusive work

Two inspiring and playful events characterised by enthusiasm, creative lust and – innovation!

At Kulturhuset Pigalle in Nässjö and Västerås Concert Hall, we arranged two international symposiums 9–10 April. The title was #ShareSymposium – Music Technology, Inclusion and Innovation – Inclusion as the Starting Point for Artistic and Technological Innovation.

We were honoured to have distinguished guests within the area, both from Sweden and abroad. Among the guest were Deborah Kelleher, director of the Royal Irish Academy of Music, professor Frank Lyons from Ulster University, founder of the concept Inclusive Creativity, musician and composer Adrian Lee who does interesting work with notation due to a visual impairment, composer Jesper Nordin who created the app Gestrument and several artistic directors who have made or want to do inclusive work.

The guests presented their projects and revealed many insights. An incredible commitment shone through both eyes and gestures with everyone. Elefantöra and Gageego! performed two amazing concerts, the applauses gave evidence to that!

Last in the programme each day, both guests and audience had the opportunity to try our MMK, the Mobile Music Kit, which one of our guests called the Magic Mobile Music Kit, led by Jonas Jonasson and Tomas Hulenvik – two musicians and composers that have been working with us for a long time.

The result was two inspiring and playful days characterised by enthusiasm, creative lust and – innovation! Many contacts were tied, and it will be truly exciting to see what will happen after this. It is clear that there is a need for and a great interest in inclusive work through music technology, as an example. And yes, after these days, we can establish that inclusion definitely can be the starting point for both artistic and technological innovation.

When Sophia Alexandersson at the end of the day in Västerås asked the question how and when we achieve inclusion, Rikard Gateau, artistic director of Västmanlandsmusiken answered:

We have to start somewhere, and I want to start NOW!

– Let’s go!

Read more about all participants and the events’ programme.

Next #Sharesymposium will take place 3rd of October in Gothenburg at the Academy for Music and Drama.

#ShareSymposium – great interest in inclusive work