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Sofit 2.0 – blending knowledge and inspiration

At the end of May our team went to Gomel with a special mission. We visited the Centre of inclusive culture to present our work with inclusive performing arts. 

Early in the morning Natallia Pettersson together with M.Tank University pedagogues: Inga Kizhlo from the Institute of Inclusive education, Ilona Tishkevich and Kirill Ouspensky from the Faculty of Aesthetical education arrived to the second largest city in Belarus.

Our small delegation was met by the director of Gomel ”BelADPIiMI” organisation Natalia Semeniako. The day started off with a visit to the Vaschenko Art gallery. We met its director Ludmila Shimbaliova who guided us through the exhibitions and presented different events and initiatives organised in the gallery.

Later, we moved on to the Centre of inclusive culture. After a meeting with the director of the Centre Kirill Kurdiunov we held our seminar. In the audience were both the Centre’s employees and representatives of different organisations and institutions, for example, from daycare centres and Sokolovsky college of culture. ”BelAPDIiMI” representatives from Kalinkovichi and Zhlobin were also in the audience. 

Our seminar Inclusive music and performing art as a source of new artistic expressions was divided into two parts. During the first one we demonstrated how we work artistically in an inclusive way. We shared our experience on how to create an inclusive environment, building a team spirit in the group, working with innovative music instruments and apps and staging performances.

During the second part, the audience had an opportunity to try some of the recommendations in practice. They went through the different exercises and worked with a theme Four seasons. Divided into two groups they showed the results to each other. There was much creativity, laughs and inspiration in the room! Sharing their impressions about the day, many asked how they can continue to participate in the project. It was only the introduction to our artistic work within “Sofit 2.0”. In autumn and winter are more workshops and seminars to come. There will be a possibility to learn about inclusive artistic work!

Sofit 2.0 – blending knowledge and inspiration